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Man Was Apparently Following GPS Instructions When His Car Plunged, Killing His Wife

Iftikhar Hussain, 64, was driving his wife, Zohra, 51, around East Chicago, Illinois on March 28. 

He was apparently following the route given to him by a GPS navigation system when he drove off a ramp that led to a demolished bridge. Their car plunged 37.5 feet off the highway. Although Iftikhar was able to escape the vehicle, Zohra was still inside when it burst into flames — she died shortly after the accident due to her burns.

"The Cline Avenue bridge is marked with numerous barricades including orange barrels and cones, large wood signs stating 'Road Closed' with orange striped markings," Lake County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Patricia Van Til told The Times of Northwest Indiana. "There are concrete barricades across the road to further indicate the road is closed.”

A police investigator said Iftikhar might have been paying more attention to the GPS navigation than the road and apparently drove around the barriers.

The bridge had been closed since 2009, but the couple was apparently visiting from Chicago. Police said they were on their way to visit family and were possibly unfamiliar with the area.

After the accident, Iftikhar was taken to Methodist Hospital Northlake in Gary, Indiana. He is reportedly in stable condition.

Source: The Times of Northwest Indiana

Image via Wikimedia Commons


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