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Officer Fatally Shoots Man's Service Dog In The Head (Video)

A San Diego man is heartbroken and angry after a police officer fatally shot his service dog in the head for no apparent reason.

According to reports, two police officers pounded on 24-year-old Ian Anderson’s door while responding to a domestic disturbance call around 5 a.m. on Sunday. Anderson informed them that they had the wrong house, and as he was standing there, his 6-year-old pit bull Burberry ran up to say hello. As seen in surveillance video below, the first officer reached down to pet the dog. However, when Burberry runs over to the other officer, he is suddenly shot in the head.

“The first cop reached down to pet the dog," Anderson told The Huffington Post. "Then the other cop yelled at [Burberry] to get aside. Instead of greeting the dog like anyone else would have, he jumps back, then shoots him.”

A friend of Anderson’s takes a video just moments after the shooting and in it, asks the responsible officer, known only as Officer Bennett, why he shot the dog, but the cop refuses to answer. The cop, Officer Jackson, reportedly appeared “seriously distraught.”

“It was the most inhumane event I’ve ever been a part of," Anderson said. "As soon as he was shot, I jumped over to the dog and the officer grabbed and restrained me."

“It was so close to his partner being in his line of fire, and me being in his line of fire,” Anderson continued. “Not to mention I had people sleeping in my house, and it was all over a wrong call. I don't know if they just picked my house out and decided to come, or if it was the wrong address.”

The San Diego Police Department says they are investigating the incident.

“The preservation of life is our top priority and this includes the lives of animals," reads a statement given to NBC News. "This incident is currently being investigated as any Officer Involved Shooting would be to assure proper procedures were followed. Any further comments prior to the completion of the investigation would simply be premature."

Meanwhile, Anderson says he is heartbroken over the loss of Burberry and is demanding answers.

“My world’s destroyed,” Anderson said. "This dog was a part of me. It feels like a part of me died. I wish I could have taken the bullet instead of him. It could have been any of us, this cop was so trigger-happy. It could have been me that was shot.”

Sources: The Huffington Post, The Free Thought Project / Photo Source: The Huffington Post


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