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Man Wanted For Skipping Child Support Payments For His 17 Children

Armond Curry has been a busy man. He’s the father of 17 children in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and a hip-hop writer and producer who goes by the name Money G Allstar Mack. He's now reportedly on the run for 17 counts of failing to pay child support, which is a felony, Fox 6 Now reported. 

Although state officials are upset, some of the mothers of his children are less so. Antoinette James says Curry simply doesn’t pay through the official channels. "He's not a bad father, he's a great father,” she said. 

"Their brothers and sisters come to my house and interact with my kids. I go pick them up or let them go over to their brother and sister's house. They all know their father and know how good a father he is," she added.

"I've seen him with all of them at the same time.”

Bill Berens, Milwaukee County District Attorney, is less convinced. "The state of Wisconsin doesn't have to support other people's children,” he said. Berens said Curry’s Facebook pahge shows he’s living a lavish lifestyle. WSAU reported that an investigation by law enforcement revealed Curry owns a record label. 

"Those [Facebook] records will overall show whether he intended to fail to pay his support, his ability to pay,” Berens said.

Freda Curry, Armond Curry's mother, said her son is taking care of his children. "The reality is they're here. They exist now. They apparently are taken care of because none of them are in the system in foster care,” she said.

Curry faces up to 42 months in prison for each of the 17 felony counts.

Sources: WSAU, Fox 6 Now / Photo credit: Fox 6 Now

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