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Police Searching For Man Accused Of Setting Woman On Fire, Killing Her

A 51-year-old man is wanted by the Pomona, California, police department for allegedly pouring gasoline on a woman and setting her on fire on Christmas Day.

The victim, Dawn Hensley, 41, was treated at the scene of the incident and transported to a local hospital on Dec. 25,  where she later died from injuries sustained in the attack, according to a press release from the Ponoma Police Department.

According to witnesses, Hensley ran from a residence engulfed in flames and collapsed on the street.

A domestic dispute is believed to be the cause of the violence against Hensley, allegedly perpetrated by 51-year-old Clarence Duwell Dear.

A cigarette may have been used by Dear to light her on fire after she was doused in gasoline.

KTLA 5 obtained the following "wanted" poster for Dear, which the police department released on Dec. 25:

Image placeholder title

Dear fled the scene and is now wanted for murder by the Pomona Police Department. It is unknown whether he is armed, but he is still considered to be “extremely dangerous,” the police press release said.

Sources: Pomona Police Department via Nixle, KTLA 5 / Photo credit: Pomona Police Department via KTLA 5

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