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Man Walks with Rifle Near Scared School to Promote Open Carry (Video)

Leonard Embody, a pro-gun advocate, reportedly caused a panic yesterday when he walked near Hillsboro High School in Nashville, Tenn., while carrying a rifle and flyers promoting the Second Amendment.

Embody posted a video (below) of his walk near the school, which appears to be shot with a camera attached to his clothing.

According to, Embody was also wearing a bullet-proof vest.

When Embody walked outside the school on Wednesday, there were calls to police from citizens, but he was not arrested and the school was not placed on lockdown.

"There are hundreds of millions of guns in the U.S. The number of guns which are used in illegal fashion is minuscule. I will continue to open carry and hand out my leaflets," Embody told The Tennessean. "I'm used to the cops tailing me. Yesterday there were probably 10 cop cars following me around Vanderbilt. The Hillsboro High School response took longer, probably due to traffic, and there was less of a presence."

However, Linda McFadyen-Ketchum, of the Tennessee Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, countered, "As moms we don't want armed individuals playing politics with our children, especially in the sanctity of their schools."

"When we drop our children at school, moms and teachers need to know when our kids will be learning math and science, not wondering whether they should duck and cover when confronted by a stranger carrying a firearm," added McFadyen-Ketchum.

According to the, Embody is known locally as the "Radnor Lake Rambo" and has filed lawsuits challenging gun laws. In the past, Embody has reportedly been stopped by police multiple times for open carry.

In an email sent to parents, which was forwarded to Opposing Views, Mark Chamberlain
Manager, Customer Service, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools stated:

We have learned this man is a resident of another county who is known to local law enforcement for public demonstrations to exercise his right to bear arms. Courts have upheld this man’s rights and dismissed prior arrests (which were not at our schools).

The School Resource Officers at Hillsboro saw him yesterday afternoon and they and patrol officers with MNPD kept him under observation. The sidewalks in front of the school are considered public property; however since it was dismissal and the area is used by students and parents, the school system asked for his arrest.

In another email, forwarded to Opposing Views, that was sent to parents, J. Terry Shrader, Executive Principal of Hillsboro High School, stated:

We have been working closely with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department and MNPS school security. This man thrives on attention. Locking down the school with no intimate threat would have been playing into his hands. He was covered by armed officers the entire time he was in front of our campus, and had he become a threat would have been taken into custody.

Sources:, The Tennessean, (Image Credit: Moms Demand Action Media Handout)


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