Unexpected Outcome To Man Tapping On Patrol Car Window

A police officer was sitting in his patrol car with his window cracked when a man saw the officer by himself and decided to approach him.

With recent tensions between citizens and law enforcement, the officer seemed nervous when the stranger walked up to his vehicle and tapped on the window.

The officer "rolled down his window in fear," according to a post on the Love What Matters Facebook page by Ashley Ferrell-Franklin, the man's wife. The African-American man, Tyrone Franklin, said whe wanted to speak to the officer. Ferrell-Franklin says her husband didn't tell her what he was planning to do when he approached the officer in his car.

Both Ferrell-Franklin and the officer were surprised to hear what Franklin asked of the officer.

"My husband asked if he could pray over him for protection," Ferrel-Franklin wrote. "The cop looking stunned, gave the biggest smile and said 'please do' with relief."

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She added, "This is what God is about. #breakthehate"

Franklin's actions were intended to pay respect to the officer and to let him know that police are still appreciated by Americans, despite attacks on police in recent weeks.

"My husband is my hero," Ferrell-Franklin wrote. "Instead of entertaining the hatred, he saw the police are in a scary predicament as well and in need of God."

Sources: Mad World NewsLove What Matters/Facebook / Photo credit: Mad World News

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