Black Man, Elderly White Woman Story Goes Viral (Photo)


When a store owner looked outside and saw a black man approaching an elderly white woman, he wasn't sure what was going to happen. However, he soon got a pleasant surprise.

In a post on the Love What Matters Facebook page, Al Robinson described the scene.

"This happened outside of my store today... 83-year-old white lady and 28-year-old black man," Robinson wrote, says Mad World News. "These two had never seen each other until today and probably never will again. He helped her get to her car and even opened the door and held it so it wouldn't close as she tried to get in." 

The post was accompanied by a photo of the man escorting the elderly woman to her car.

The story is a nice reminder that while racial tensions in America are high, there are still many people out there trying to make a difference and not letting the racial divide get in their way.

"Just one person helping out another, the way life should be," Robinson concluded.

The post quickly spread on Facebook, with more than 5,000 shares and more than 42,000 likes in just one day.

Sometimes, with all of the negativity in the world, it's nice to be reminded that people are still doing good things all the time, no matter how small the good deed may seem.

Sources: Mad World News, Love What Matters/Facebook / Photo credit: Love What Matters/Facebook

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