Man Steals Money From 12-Year-Old Girl Scout


Authorities are searching for a Florida man who allegedly stole a 12-year-old Girl Scout's money box Feb. 28.

The man reportedly stole the box while Girl Scouts were fundraising outside a Wal-Mart, Click Orlando reports. The amount of money lost is unknown.

"This guy walked right by the table and it looked like he was chuckling ... [he] grabbed the cash box and started jogging. There was another witness and myself, we just looked at each other like, 'Did that just happen?'" said Lalanne.

The girls’ parents were heartbroken for the kids.

"You could see the anger in every mother that was standing around that table by the time the cop got there, and everybody started telling what they saw," Lalanne said.

"To know that she had been out there all day just trying to sell some cookies. ... We all work all day and to have your paycheck taken like that  -- it's discouraging. How would you feel if your little girl went through that? I hope they catch him," she added.

In response, employees of Orlando radio station MIX 105.1 WOMX stood outside the same Wal-Mart and raised $430 for the Girl Scout troop, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Although they don’t often see this type of crime happen, authorities advise parents and children to keep safe while raising money.

"Have an adult nearby," Sheriff's spokesman Andrew Gant said. "Let the adult take care of the money and keep it in a safe place."

He also advised children and their parents not to carry around large amounts of money while fundraising.

"Periodically send it to a secure place, like back home or the bank," he said.

Store surveillance video reveals the suspect initially walked into the store with a woman and small child.

After walking them back to the car, the man returned to steal the Girl Scout money.

Anybody with details of the suspect is encouraged to call the Sheriff's Office at 386-860-7030 or Crime Stoppers at 888-277-8477.

Sources: Click OrlandoOrlando-Sentinel  / Photo credit: Huffington Post

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