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Man Wakes Up To Find Huge Hornet Nest Outside His Window (Video)

Most people would be alarmed to wake up to tapping on thei windowpane, but Reddit user Longkniferevolution had good reason to be terrified. He woke up to find a massive nest of bald faced hornets just outside the window of his home in Akron, Ohio (video below). The taps came from the insects flying into the glass.

Although he initially identified the insects as yellow jackets, Reddit users were quick to correct him. Bald faced hornets are known for being particularly aggressive at the end of August as they’re protecting eggs laid by the queen.

While many Reddit users jokingly advised that he burn the house down, Longkniferevolution said he was going to wait for the cold weather. "After the freeze kills them I might cut the nest in half to check it out. This is the biggest nest I have ever seen in person, unfortunately it's attached to my awning!" he wrote, reports United Press International.

Sources: Reddit, United Press International / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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