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Man Volunteers To Undergo Labor Pain, Pays The Price (Video)

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A male college student volunteered to undergo the intense pain of labor in an effort to better understand what women go through, but could only last 20 seconds (video below).

In a clip that went viral, Jonny Wade can be seen writhing in pain as he is forced to undergo a pain similar to giving birth. The simulation was an experiment done at Tennessee's Lincoln Memorial University.

"The pain was very severe and I didn't last long at all," he told the Daily Mail. "I've hurt myself in lots of ways in the past through participating in extreme sports and I have never really been through anything to compare this with. I don't think the simulator itself is as severe as [labor] because it's a superficial pain, more like your abdominal muscles are being torn apart. Whereas I would guess real [labor] pain would be a deeper more visceral pain." 

Wade said he accepted the challenge because he wanted to know what his wife went through when she gave birth to their children. His wife, he said, frequently joked that he never understood the pain she endured.

"Everyone in class thought it was very funny," he said. "The best part was that we made a safe word -- 'pineapple' -- to signal time to stop the simulation. Towards the end, I was trying to shout out the word but I just couldn't get it out."

Many viewers applauded Wade for taking on such a painful challenge despite only lasting a few seconds.

"Even if he's gained a small version of what many women experience, he'll be able to take this back to his studies and have a greater understanding of childbirth pain when he enters his chosen career. Good on him. This should be offered to more husbands/partners to increase understanding. Well done, Jonny for trying this out, even if it doesn't fully mirror the several hours many women experience," one Daily Mail reader commented.

In a similar story, two Dutch TV hosts went viral after they endured a similar experiment as a stunt on their show "Guinea Pigs." Both men were hooked up to a machine with electrodes attached to their abdomens, and were given waves of pains similar in intensity and time to contractions that get stronger and closer together. 

Despite their intense pain, a doctor told ABC News that what the men experienced wasn't 100 percent identical to labor pains.

"You can think of this as a very strong charley horse," Dr. Jennifer Ashton said. "Is it as painful as labor? My opinion would be it isn't."

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC News / Photo credit: dw-lifestylefotografie/Pixabay

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