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Man Uses Wife's Urine for Drug Test, Discovers She is Pregnant

A bus driver in Egypt reportedly tried to scam a drug test by using his wife's urine. However, his ruse was exposed when the urine revealed his wife was two months pregnant.

TIME noted that the bus driver was told by officials, "Congratulations, you’re pregnant.”

The BBC reports that Tamer Amin, an Arab political talk show host, said, "This story despite being funny has several lessons. First, that drugs have become available to many and have become as common as cigarettes. This is a calamity."

Egyptian authorities plan to test blood and urine in the future, reported the Arabic website Al-Yawm al-Sabi, according to the BBC.

Al Jazeera noted in 2013 that the painkiller drug Tramadol is becoming a popular recreational drug in Egypt where it is sold by a sheet of ten for $3.

"Lots of people take Tramadol because they have two jobs and they can hardly sleep," Cairo resident Ahmed Tourk told Al Jazeera.

Dr. Emad Hamdi, a researcher in Egypt's National Research Addiction Program (NRAP), claims that Tramadol creates a dependency "more so than heroin."

Sources: TIME, The BBC, Al Jazeera (Image Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Jim Watson)


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