Man Uses Singing As Spider Deterrent (Video)

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In an unusual but effective method of removing a spider, U.S. man Andrew Wilcox filmed himself singing in an "opera voice" to scare away a spider.

“I am the spider remover,” Wilcox said. “Whenever my sisters see a spider in the house or near the entry, they freak out and call me to get rid of it.”

Wilcox explains in the video that he doesn’t like to kill spiders, and instead simply removes them to a new location. His oldest sister, who doesn’t like to kill spiders either, figured out a better way to “get back at the spider” without doing it any harm.

“She sings at them in an opera voice and they freak out!” Wilcox said.

When Wilcox tried it himself, he laughed and enjoyed it so much he decided to film the spider’s reaction. Although the video is quite funny, Wilcox might actually be on to something. According to a 2011 study, the thousands of tiny hairs on a spider's body act as one independent ear.  

To date, the video has accumulated more than 300,000 views.


Sources: Metro, DailyMail


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