Man Uses Facebook To Bait Dogs For Fighting

An Arkansas animal control center took to Facebook recently warning Jonesboro residents that a man was using the social media site to find dogs for fights.

Though the man’s name is unknown, the center cautioned other shelters and pet owners to be on high alert, WREG reports. Animal control officers in Marion have also warned residents about dog fighters who force pets to fight in the back of trucks.

According to officer Becky Blundell, abusers will often drive the car until the noise from the trunk has stopped, indicating that either one or both dogs are dead. This is the reason Marion Shelter does backgrounds checks on people who adopt dogs, Blundell noted.

Blundell has since reminded pet owners to keep an eye on their dogs.

“Keep an eye on your pet,” Blundell told WREG. “Identification tags are always necessary.”

The officer encouraged anyone with information regarding dog fighting to call the CrimeStoppers hotline, since information that leads to the crime or suspect warrants a $5,000 reward.

Sources: News Channel 3, Uber Topic

Photo Credit: Uber Topic


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