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Alleged Murderer Uses Eminem Lyrics To Explain Crime

A Wisconsin man who allegedly killed his girlfriend and her child told police they should listen to Eminem's 2010 track "Space Bound" if they want to understand him.

"Don't play games; it'll be dangerous if you f*** me over," 33-year-old suspect Patrick Fowler said, reciting lyrics of the song to police, reports the Daily Mail. "Cause if I get burnt I'ma show you what it's like to hurt. 'Cause I've been treated like dirt before you and love is evil, spell it backwards. I'll show ya."

"I'm trying to stop you from breathing / I put both hands on your throat / I sit on top of you squeezing / 'Til I snap your neck like a Popsicle stick," the same track also continues -- chilling words given that Fowler reportedly slit his girlfriend's throat.

Fowler reportedly stabbed to death his girlfriend, Jessica Ellenberger, 28, and her 4-year-old daughter, Madyson Marshel, who was a cancer survivor, in March 2016. He is then said to have burned both bodies beyond recognition.

He later told police he stabbed his girlfriend because "he felt as if he were being disrespected."

There are those on social media who are shocked not just by the murders, but the fact Fowler had cited Eminem's music as a possible motive.

Yet some, it seems, are not buying it.

"When did Eminem release a song that would even remotely have anything to do with your actions?" wrote one person on the Daily Mail's comments section. "What was that? Never? Right. Never. You are lower then low. Killing an adult is horrendous enough, but to kill a child? Special place below for you."

"Yeah, because we allll know acquittals are predicated on the soaring Shakespearean majesty of Eminem 'lyrics,'" added another.

However, on April 20, a tearful Fowler backtracked those claims, WITI reports. Instead, he blamed an unidentified individual for the crime.

He adds he was guilty of cowardice, not murder, because he had been hiding as his girlfriend was slaughtered by someone else.

"I chose to save myself," he said, sobbing, adding that he was preparing Easter baskets with his girlfriend when the murder happened. "I got three daughters myself. What if it was them."

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Fowler claims he ran away to Texas because he knew he looked "guilty as hell," but was, in fact, not guilty at all of the murders.

Fowler faces two first-degree murder charges. His mother was also arrested for buying her son a bus ticket in order to get him out of the state after the murder. She reportedly knew what had happened to Ellenberger and her daughter.

He previously threatened to kill his ex-fiancee and was on probation for that when the murders occurred, reports the Daily Mail. He was also previously convicted of child abuse and is a registered sex offender.

Sources: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WITI, Daily Mail / Photo credit: DoD News/Flickr

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