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Man Used iPad To Look Up Model Brittanie Weaver’s Skirt

Fashion model Brittanie Weaver realized that a man who was following her around a Los Angeles pet shop was using his iPad to take photos up her skirt when he bent down to pet her dog. After figuring out what the man was doing, Weaver tried to write a note to the women working behind the shop’s counter. When that didn’t work, she contacted the police.

Security footage of the incident has been released in at attempt to catch the man. Weaver told a local television station, “He kept kneeling down and falling over and couldn't seem to balance properly,” she said. “I realized by the time I got to the counter that he had been filming up my dress with his iPad.”

She continued:

“I wanted to confront him but he had a city employee badge on and I didn't know for sure and I didn't want to have a confrontation. So I just tried to remain calm and tried to write a note to the girls at the counter.”

After the incident Weaver went on Twitter to describe her shock and disgust to her 28,000 followers, reports The Daily Mail.  “So sickened by everything that happened today. Exhausted,” she wrote on the site.

Someone responded to her: “I saw you on the news and people are sick, what can we do, its hard to be somewhere alone but be careful cause men are sick.”

A report about the incident is below:

Sources: (The Daily Mail); (KTLA)


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