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Man Tries to Kill Wife: "If You Were Married, You'd Understand"

Police say a Florida man had a novel explanation as to why he tried to kill his wife -- the institution of marriage made him do it.

Last week a woman in a Tampa-St. Petersburg suburb called police and told them her husband tried to strangle her. When police arrived, 39-year-old Christopher Bukowski didn't try to deny it.

"Arrest me," officers say he told them. "I did it. I choked her."

The next logical question, of course, is why. Here's what the officer wrote in his report: "I asked him why he did it and he stated 'If you were married, you would understand.'"

The New Port Richey Police Department did not say what caused the argument between the couple, who have been married five years.

Bukowski was arrested and charged with domestic battery by strangulation. He is being held without bail at a local jail.


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