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Man Tries To Steal Trump Sign, Learns His Lesson (Video)

When a man tried to remove a Trump yard sign from a stranger's property, he got a shocking surprise. Video of what happened is now going viral.

This election has tensions high in America and people on both sides seem to be letting their emotions get the best of them. One man in New York learned the hard way to not let politics influence his judgment.

Daniel Ohana put a Donald Trump yard sign in front of his house, which was repeatedly stolen by strangers. So, to prevent this from happening again, he came up with the perfect solution: he electrified the sign.

Ohana then set up a camera and waited for a frustrated political opponent to try to remove the Trump sign from his yard.

Eventually, somebody came around and tried to take the sign from Ohana's lawn and learned his mistake quickly.

Watch the video of a man getting electrocuted below:

Sources: Mad World NewsYouTube / Photo Credit: Twitter via Mad World News

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