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Man Tries To Slap Opossum, Gets A Big Surprise (Photo)

A Brazilian man thought he was saving someone from a wild opossum that was wreaking havoc at his party, but instead of being a hero, he wound up in a hospital.

50-year-old Antonio Rodrigues Mororó was hosting a party at his home in Rio de Janeiro when his son informed him that his pregnant wife was afraid to enter the house because there was an opossum in the doorway.

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Mororó decided that he would take matters into his own hands so that his daughter-in-law wouldn’t be afraid to go inside, but when he walked up to slap the opossum away, he wound up getting a handful of porcupine quills.

As it turned out, the animal was actually a porcupine, and Mororó ended up with 400 quills stuck into his hand. He went to a local hospital for treatment and received three shots of anesthetic, but the pain didn’t go away until he got a tetanus shot and was put on antibiotics.

It’s safe to say that this guy probably won’t be slapping any other animals from now on. 


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