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Man Tries to Run Down People Over Parking Place at Mall (Video)

An unidentified man recently tried to run down two other people over a parking place at a mall.

The angry confrontation was filmed by a witness and posted on YouTube where it has gone viral (video below).

According to KCTV, two men standing near a SUV argued with a man who owns a silver-colored hatchback.

Moments later, the hatchback owner gets in his car and appears to drive away, but then suddenly backs up and heads for the two men who jump out of the way.

After the hatchback crashes into the SUV, the hatchback driver appears to be trying to back his car into the SUV as much as he can.

It's not clear which mall or city this incident happened in.

WPDH notes this case of road rage may be the first shot fired in the parking wars during the pre-holiday shopping season. reports the incident happened three weeks before holiday shopping officially begins.

Sources: KCTV, WPDH,


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