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Man Tries Rob Woman on Live TV While She Complains About Crime (Video)

A woman was almost robbed on live TV yesterday in Rio de Janeiro during an interview about the high crime rate in the Brazilian city.

According to the Daily Mail, she was complaining to RJTV about the crime and  lack of police during the daytime when a man suddenly tried to grab a gold necklace off her neck (video below).

The thief didn't get the jewelry, but did manage to break her gold necklace.

He then ran across the street into traffic while being chased by the newsman who interviewed the woman.

The Associated Pressreported last month that more than 1,400 law enforcement officers and Brazilian soldiers entered Rio de Janeiro's massive slums in an effort to clean up the city before this year's World Cup.

The high-crime shantytowns are home to 130,000 people and heavily-armed drug gangs.

However, the extra enforcement doesn't seem to be helping.

NPR reports that "cellphone robberies in Rio have gone up 121 percent since last year. Robberies on buses have spiked 118 percent. In one popular area called Santa Theresa, street robberies have gone up 93 percent. Murders in Rio de Janeiro state have jumped 18 percent this year."

Sources: Associated Press, NPR, Daily Mail


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