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Man Vandalizes Ex's Car But Misspells 'Cheater' (Photo)

A South Carolina man was apprehended by police May 6 for spray-painting "CHEETER" on his ex-girlfriend's car.

Police spotted Timothy Lee Trammell, 36, attempting to vandalize a car outside of a Kelly One Stop store in Jonestown, South Carolina. They arrested Trammell for vandalism, as well as possession of marijuana after finding a marijuana cigarette on him, according to WSPA.

Trammell was trying to write "cheater" on the car, a 2013 Chevrolet Sonic which he told police belonged to his ex-girlfriend, but misspelled the word. The ex, who was identified as Amy Patrick in the incident report, has said that she wants to press charges for the estimated $500 of damage to her car, reports the Daily Mail.

A deputy said that he saw Trammell holding a can of bright yellow spray paint, crouched beside the car. The deputy chased after Trammell when he tried to run away, and quickly caught the man. Trammell told police he was trying to get back at his ex, who worked at the store where the car was parked.

After the arrest, authorities also discovered Lortab and Suboxone, two pain medications listed as controlled substances -- for which Trammell did not have a prescription -- inside of a cigarette pack in his pocket. He was also carrying a counterfeit $100 bill reading "For motion picture use only." Deputies are investigating how Trammell acquired the bill.

Trammell's arrest isn't the only recent case of misspelled vandalism to make headlines. In 2015, an Enon, Virginia, neighborhood suffered from a rash of misspelled, abusive vandalism that cost homeowners around $3,000 in damages, according to WTVR. A pickup truck in the neighborhood was spray-painted with the words, "Hoe As," which police investigating the incident said would give them a hint as to the age group of the perpetrators.

“There's other things to do besides destroying people's property, it's needless and costs people money that they don't have," said Victoria Garrett, a Virginia Commonwealth University student whose car was egged as part of the vandalism. "Find something better to do with your time."

Source: WSPA, Daily Mail, WTVR / Photo credit: Union County Sheriff's Office via WSPA

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