Man Tries To File Complaint, Gets Cited For Jaywalking By Deputy (Video)

Christopher Vannote was filming some Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies questioning a suspect on Wednesday when he found himself being cited.

Vannote originally began filming the incident from across the street, noted PhotographyIsNotaCrime.com (video below).

He then walked across the street, but was confronted by deputies who told him not to walk up behind them because they had guns. Vannote continued to film the situation, which included five police cruisers.

Vannote later told another deputy that he wanted to file a complaint against one of the deputies who originally confronted him.

Moments later, the deputy cited him with jaywalking, which had happened about five minutes earlier.

According to The Los Angeles Times, jaywalking tickets range from $190 to $250.

TozerLaw.com notes that stop signs are not considered "traffic control signal devices" as stop lights are.

In this incident it appears there are no stop lights, only stop signs. However, some cops believe stop signs are "traffic control signal devices" and will ticket people for crossing those streets. TozerLaw.com advises to people to tell the judge that a stop sign is not a "traffic control signal device" by law.

Sources: PhotographyIsNotaCrime.com, The Los Angeles Times, TozerLaw.com
Iage Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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