Man Tries To Commit Suicide, Misses And Fatally Shoots 28-Year-Old Monica Anderson


A Michigan man’s failed attempt at suicide left a 28-year-old woman dead.

The shooting occurred Tuesday night at an apartment in Traverse City. The suspect called 911 to report that he had tried to commit suicide but missed and shot the actual victim instead, according to police. When authorities arrived, the man came outside with his gun. However, he then went back in the house and tried to escape out the back.

Another shot was eventually fired and police were able to apprehend the man shortly after. The man, 33, suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his hand and underwent surgery at Munson Medical Center.

The victim has been identified as Monica June Anderson by her mother, Sandy Anderson, reports the Record-Eagle. She said family members were in mourning for her daughter. She also confirmed her daughter was in a relationship with Robert Caldwell, 33, who lived with Monica in the apartment.

Authorities have yet to confirm the suspect's identity.

Taneya Lamson, a neighbor, described the victim as a “very sweet lady” who had a troublesome relationship with her live-in boyfriend.

“I have heard them in the past arguing outside,” resident Lamson said. She said the couple lived with two children, a boy and a girl, who sometimes played with her own daughter.

Lamson’s mother Bonnie Habrecht, was at the building babysitting when the shooting occurred. She heard a pounding noise at about 10:25 p.m.

“Twenty minutes later I heard a commotion outside and heard someone hollering, ‘Put the gun down. Put the gun down,’” Habrecht said. “I believe that was the police because my daughter said the police were on the scene.”

The investigation is still ongoing and police plan to release more information later on Wednesday.

Sources: UpNorthLive, Record-Eagle


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