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Pedophile Caught In Kansas Online Police Sting

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Ernest Merle Anziana, aged 48, was arrested on Tuesday for trying to buy sex from an 11-year-old for $250. His intention was to buy sex from the young girl, impregnate her and keep the baby for himself after delivery.

Anziana fell prey to a make-believe advertisement by police who were posing as an 11-year-old girl online for sale. The 48-year-old man took the bait and offered the girl $250 and a quantity of meth in order to have sex with her and get her pregnant.

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Anziana was charged with five different counts of cyber crimes which fall under unlawful use of electronic device as well as soliciting a minor for sexual favors.

The devices used to lure the girl included a cell phone and a tablet. He is currently being held in Kansas on a $250,000 bond and if convicted, is looking at almost 20 years jail.

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Anziana has had three prior arrests involving aggravated incest, which will not help his case if he is taken to court for trial. He is already a registered sex offender and the courts will likely not appreciate seeing him return, which may result in the judge handing down a harsh sentencing.

The community received the news with shock, most of them stating that they are relived the 11-year-old girl in this case was make believe. However, that does not change the fact that the man had ill intentions and, if there were a little girl, she would have surely suffered at his hands.

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Anziana is now facing human trafficking charges. He was indicted on Tuesday by a grand jury. The trap that led to his current predicament was launched by the cyber crimes branch of the Kentucky Police.

His intentions of buying the girl and getting her pregnant was clear on the site after he offered her $250 and some street drugs. Anziana is also facing charges for offering illegal substances to an minor. The felonies just keep stacking up for this guy.

The drug charges may be handled separately from the soliciting ones or may be inclusive and dealt with all at once. With his three prior incidences, Anziana has proved to be a danger to the community at large.

Ernest had no clue that he was being set up when communicating to the fake little girl online, who were actually police officers trained in the art of baiting pedophiles.

Police still do not know whether the meth he offered the undercover police officer was tangible as he was not found with any in his possession at the time of his arrest. 

Daily Mail readers left all sorts of comments on the article. 

"Rabid dogs are always put down. Why should this animal be any different?" said one. 

"It's terrifying that someone could even consider doing this - and even worse that it could really be happening. There's some people out there who are too sick to be allowed to be free," another added. 

One even offered to take him off the legal system's hands.

"I volunteer to give him some 'counseling' to see the error of his ways for no charge. It might even save the expense of a trial."

Source: Daily Mail / Featured Image: West Midlands Police/Flickr / Embedded Images: Christy Tucker/FlickrOyvind Holmstad/Wikimedia Commons, Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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