Man Tries To Burn Down Neighbor's House And Accidentally Lights Himself On Fire

A Clarksville, Tennessee arsonist who tried to burn down his neighbor’s house got an instant dose of karma after he accidentally set himself on fire.

According to reports, Mary Orange and her boyfriend Mitchell Pozezinski were returning home one day when they spotted their neighbor on their front step, dousing it in gasoline. The neighbor noticed that the couple had returned home and quickly lit the match. Unfortunately for him, he wound up setting himself on fire.

“As soon as he saw us, he lit it,” said Orange. “It flamed up this way, and it looked like it back blasted on him, I guess. He was lit on fire. He dropped to the ground there. He got up and took off running down the road. He was in flames around his head.”

Reports say that the neighbor blamed the couple for his sibling’s death from a heart attack, so his arson attempt was a form of retaliation. It’s not entirely clear why the man blamed Orange and Pozezinski for his sibling’s fatal heart attack, but now the couple says they don’t feel safe in their own home.

“When I come in, no matter where we go, I check all the rooms, under the beds, everywhere,” said Orange. “It’s not my home no more. I’m not safe.”

While the entire house wasn’t burned down, there is extensive damage to the outside.

“It wasn’t new, but it was our house,” said Pozezinski. “It’s probably $10,000 worth of damage. We don’t have insurance on the house.”

Clarksville Police Department officers are currently on the hunt for the man, who fled the scene after catching on fire.


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