Girl Caught On Camera Beating Man Who Tried To Kidnap Her (Video)

A shocking new viral video shows a brave young girl fighting off a kidnapper in an elevator, although some are speculating that the video was staged.

The video shows the young girl walk alone into an elevator and stand near the buttons. Suddenly, the elevator stops, and a man boards. The man suspiciously stands on the other side of the elevator car and doesn’t press a floor button.

The elevator eventually stops again, and quickly, the man starts to run out of the door while attempting to grab the girl by her shoulder. The girl responds brilliantly, however, and can be seen twisting the man’s arm around and throwing him onto the floor before continuously beating him.

The elevator stops once more, and just as the man is about to escape, the girl grabs him again, pulls him back, and begins to hurt him even more. At the end of the clip, the man is actually able to get away, but the brave girl runs after him.

While this certainly seems to be a potentially dangerous situation caught on camera, some are speculating that the entire thing was staged.

“My first thought was: Why did he wait until the elevator doors opened to attack? And after watching a second time I thought: Why is he cowering so?; that you don't see in a man bent on attacking.,” wrote on Internet user. “This surely was a demonstration for her to see how she would handle an ‘attack’.”

Regardless of whether or not this video is actually real, this girl definitely has undeniable strength


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