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Police: Video Shows Attempted Baby Abduction (Video)

Surveillance video (below) recorded a man in Pennsylvania attempting to pick up a baby in a Dunkin' Donuts store on April 2. Authorities say the man may have been trying to kidnap the child.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the male suspect walks into the store and tries to pick the baby up from its stroller while a blurred-faced woman, presumed to be the baby's mother, is looking in another direction.

The woman quickly turns around to protect the child. At the same time, another man -- whose face we cannot see either, but many presume to be the father -- shoves the suspect towards the store's wall.

The video shows the man and presumed parents leaving the store afterward.

Authorities managed to temporarily detain the man after someone else called the police, KYW-TV reports. The suspect was later freed.

Authorities are now asking the presumed parents to come forward. Without the two, charges cannot be filed against the suspect as police say they require more information to build a case.

"Not only do we need a complaining witness to really solidify that what we believe we saw in the video is in fact what we saw but also we're not entirely sure the caretakers or guardians of the child as depicted in the video are in fact the parents," said Capt. Sekou Kinebrew.

Authorities say even without the adults who accompanied the child, they would investigate the situation further.

"Even without the parents' cooperation, we would verbally review this with the district attorney's office," Kinebrew said, the Daily Mail reports. "But I tell you, it would be very difficult because it's not uncommon that people approach people with children and say, 'Oh, what a cute kid.'  We don't believe at all this is what happened here. The video certainly supports something completely different."

Not everyone thinks the suspect was attempting to kidnap the child.

"I don't think he attempted to take the baby," wrote one Daily Mail reader. "I think he was curious and wanted to see the baby. That doesn't make it right."

"If someone were trying to touch my baby's head or face (like this guy was) - I'd probably react the same way the father did," the commenter added.

"Kidnap?" chimed in another person. "Looks like the guy doesn't know boundaries or was maybe drunk/high and Went in to play with the baby. Still inappropriate but not a kidnapping. Mom was right there. Come on."

Sources: YouTube, Daily Mail, KYW-TV, WTXF / Photo credit: M. Milzow/Wikimedia Commons

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