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Man Tries To Abduct 8-Year-Old, Boy Fights Him Off (Video)

A surveillance camera caught a man allegedly attempting to abduct a young boy in Oklahoma on Jan. 6 (video below).

The incident occurred at the State Fair Park in Oklahoma City during the United States Junior Open Wrestling Championship, reports the Daily Mail.

The man, wearing a baseball cap and puffy jacket, lifts the 8-year-old boy up and tries to carry him off. But the boy fights back, wriggling and screaming loudly, causing the man to put him down and flee the scene.

The alleged attempted abduction took place outside the main entrance to one of the fair ground's arenas, near two other children.

The Oklahoma City Police Department described the suspect being about 6 feet tall and having a heavy-set build. He is still at large. Police are not releasing any other information at this time.

According to comments posted on the OKCPD Facebook page, there were more than 2,000 youths competing at the event, and their parents are required to have a $50 pass to accompany them on the competition floor. As a result, few adults were present on the floor, noted Facebook commenter Krystal Ernce. The boy was grabbed in a space easily accessible by adults, she added.

Another commenter, Courtney Slover, said that there had been an increased security and OKCPD presence at the event.

Representatives of the United States Junior Open declined to comment on the issue, deferring all questions to the OKCPD.

A brief explanation of the organization appears on its official website: “The mission of the United States Junior Open Championships (USJOC) is to promote and develop interest in athletic endeavor, sportsmanship and team work in youthful participants.”

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube, United States Junior Open / Photo credit: Oklahoma City Police Department via Daily Mail

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