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Man On Trial For Meth Shows Up To Court With Meth

Man On Trial For Meth Shows Up To Court With Meth Promo Image

A South Carolina man on his way to prison for possessing meth is facing a new drug possession charge after he was caught with meth in his pocket during his trial. 

Franklin Dell Hayes, 31, came to court on Dec. 6 to start his trial after he was charged with possessing meth for the third time, according to WYFF.

After the first day, the judge ordered Hayes to remain in custody for the remainder of the trial. As Hayes was being taken to jail, deputies searched him and found 4 grams of meth in his pocket. 

The next day, Hayes was convicted and sentenced to nine years in prison. The jury was not aware of the additional meth. 

Following his conviction, Hayes was charged with possession of meth for the fourth time.

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Hayes isn't the first criminal to bring a bag of meth to the wrong place. 

A Texas man was arrested on Dec. 4 when he accidentally handed a police officer a bag of meth while paying a friend's bail, according to the Houston Chronicle. 

After his friend was arrested on an outstanding warrant following a car crash, Kevin Doak came to his aid, bringing the friend's bail money.

When he reached into his pocket for the money, Doak accidentally grabbed the bag of crystal meth along with the cash. 

"He tried telling the officer it was salt, but through experience, he knew it wasn't salt because we have a lot of issues with meth out here," Sgt. James Teller of the Splendora Police Department told the Chronicle. "The substance was tested and it was positive for meth." 

An Australian man made an even bigger mistake when he drove to a police station to report as part of a bail condition. 

The man, Jake Kevin Watts, was driving without a license, so he hid his car keys in a plant outside the police station before entering, according to The Morning Bulletin. A passerby noticed Watts dropping the keys, so he picked them up and turned them into police. 

Realizing Watts had been driving without a license, police searched his car and found almost 20 grams of meth, seven brass knuckles, two guns and ammunition. 

"It's almost comical how he was arrested if it wasn't so serious," a judge said during Watts' trial, according to The Morning Bulletin. "I don't know if any lectures will help you."

Watts was sentenced to two years in prison and two years probation. He was also banned from ever legally owning a gun. 

Sources: WYFF, Houston Chronicle, The Morning Bulletin / Featured Image: Karen Neoh/Flickr / Embedded Images: Newberry County Sheriff's Office via WHNS, Psychonaught/Wikimedia Commons

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