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Man Reportedly Attacks 'Fat And Spotty' Woman For Her Fake Online Picture

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A man in China who spent thousands of dollars to travel five hours and meet a woman he met online assaulted her at first glance, claiming that she misled him about her physical appearance.

35-year-old Huang Mao spent roughly $8,000 on a five-hour flight from his home in Harbin, China to Suzhou, part of the country’s eastern Jiangsu Province. He and 32-year-old Xiaojin Tuan planned to meet at a local café after meeting online and sending countless text messages.

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When Mao arrived at the café, he became enraged and accused Tuan, whom he previously referred to as a “goddess,” of deceiving him. He then punched her in the face and stomped on her while she was on the ground.

“I knew exactly what she looked like as the image of her face was ingrained in my memory,” Mao said. “So when this woman came and sat down next to me I was completely shocked. This woman had a fatter face and acne, completely unlike the woman in the photo.”

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Staff quickly broke up the fight and the pair was arrested.

 “The couple were detained and then woman was given medical treatment,” a police spokesperson said. “She has decided not to press charges and they parted on friendlier terms although both vowed never to do online dating again."

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