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Man Ties Dog To His Car, Drags It Through The Street To 'Teach Him A Lesson'

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A man caused outrage amongst local residents after he was caught dragging a stray dog, which was tied to his SUV with a rope, through the street.

Jose Percy Chiroque Chacon, a volunteer firefighter in Salamanca de Monterrico, reportedly kicked five-year-old Paco numerous times before tying him to the vehicle and dragging him throughout the city at “high speeds,” according to the Daily Mail. Chacon told police that Paco had bitten his son and the cruel incident was the dog’s punishment.

After being examined by a veterinarian, it was discovered that Paco’s pads had been completely scraped off from being dragged and he also lost some nails. The dog also suffered four broken legs, as well as internal injuries from the beating it took prior to being dragged.

Paco, according to city residents, is known and loved throughout the community. The Daily Mail reported that local residents who witnessed the abuse blockaded Chacon’s car and prevented him from continuing to drive.

“Everybody around here knows Paco, he is really friendly and that's why he gets fed a lot and hangs around. Nobody has ever heard of him biting anybody and we very much doubt he bit the man's son,” a neighbor said.

The Volunteer Fire Department that Chacon works for responded to the incident, saying that what he did does not “represent the oath firemen take” and goes against the “values the service men stand for."

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