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Man Throws Piece Of Concrete Through Car Window, Fractures Skull Of Baby Girl

A Florida man has been arrested for allegedly throwing a chunk of concrete through a car window, fracturing an infant’s skull.

On Nov. 16, Levi James Steere, 32, and Michelle Kirkland, 30, had an argument when she went to his home to pay a debt she owed him, WFLA reported. Steere told Lake County deputies that he and Kirkland fought because he thought she was using stolen credit cards to repay the debt.

Kirkland was asked to leave, which she did, but returned with her boyfriend, Travis Nix, who allegedly threw a brick through a window of Steere’s home.

Steere then picked up pieces of concrete and threw them at Kirkland’s vehicle as the couple drove away. Steere told deputies he thought one piece of concrete went through an open window. Another piece of concrete broke a rear window, which shattered.

The 6-month-old baby girl inside the car was struck by a piece of concrete, Orlando Sentinel reported. She was taken to a local hospital with a skull fracture, and was listed in critical condition. At least one surgery has been performed since her admittance.

"We still don't know what's going to happen," Kirkland said, according to Orlando Sentinel. "She's doing as well as she possibly could with a cracked skull. I just grabbed her and rushed her to the hospital as quickly as I could."

Steere faces charges of aggravated child abuse, reported Orlando Sentinel. No charges have been filed against Kirkland or Nix, although Steere said he intends to prosecute for the damage done to his home.

Sources: Orlando Sentinel, WFLA / Photo credit: Orlando Sentinel

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