Man Throws Parrot at Police Officer, Arrested for Animal Cruelty


A Connecticut man faces charges including animal cruelty and assault after throwing a bird, described as a “small white parrot,” at an approaching police officer on Tuesday night.

Waterbury Police were responding to Orange Street around 10 p.m. on a call to break up a fight. Officers did not find the fight, but Luis Santana, 32, was spotted holding a bird (later identified as a cockatoo) as he ran, shirtless, on nearby High Street, according to NBC Connecticut.

When an officer tried to stop Santana to question him, he threw the exotic bird at him and ran into the nearby woods. The officer was reportedly bitten on the finger.

One report states that a homeowner in the area reported someone had broken into his house and when police responded, they found Santana hiding in the basement.

NBC reports that a witness led police to the suspect, who had allegedly run into an apartment and was hiding in a bathroom.

Regardless of which of those accounts led police to Santana, he was taken into custody and
 charged with cruelty to animals
, assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct, second-degree burglary and interfering with a police officer.

Additionally he will answer to a breach of peace charge and a charge of resisting arrest in connection with an incident on Oct. 9.

Santana was released and is due back in court on Nov. 18, NBC Connecticut reports.   

Police say the bird, which did not belong to Santana, was not harmed. It didn't talk to police, but Waterbury officers managed to track down the owner, who retrieved the cockatoo on Wednesday, according to WTNH.

Sources: NBC, WTNH


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