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Man Throws Mother off Bridge After TV ‘Tells’ Him She is a Clone (Video)

Today, 26-year-old Albuquerque man Martin Montano was arrested for beating, stabbing, and choking both his mother and another victim. He reportedly threw his mother off the top of a bridge into the Rio Grande. 

According to a criminal complaint, writes the Associated Press, Montano went at his victims in “broad daylight,” after he had apparently “heard voices coming through the television telling him to go to his mother's house and ‘get the clones out.’”

Montano described to police that he entered his mother’s house by “jumping the fence and getting into a fight with Dominguez, then stabbed him multiple times with a large brown kitchen knife.” He also told police that he “beat his victims with a large rock and a pole.”

He admitted that despite his various attempts to kill his mother, “she just kept going."

Witnesses reportedly later saw Montano pull his mother, Hope Montano, out of his trunk and chuck her over the bridge. He tried the same with the other victim, Francisco Dominguez, who is believed to be his mother’s housemate, but was only able to leave him on the side of the road. The two victims were later found by police, both severely injured. They were taken to an Albuquerque hospital for care.

KRQE says that authorities believe Montano may have been suffering from mental health issues. He's now dealing with a variety of charges, including attempted murder and aggravated burglary, says the Associated Press. Montano was reportedly “seen by officers restraining his mother from opening the door to allow police in and pushing her to the ground shouting, 'you have demons in you.'"

Montano is still in jail at the moment, and both his mother and Dominguez are still hospitalized.

Sources: Associated Press, KRQE


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