Video Shows Man Throwing Dog To Polar Bear (Video)


Video footage is circulating online of the moment a man threw a dog to a polar bear, allegedly to prevent the predator from attacking a woman (video below).

The incident is believed to have occurred in Chukotka, eastern Russia, according to Daily Mail.

The video shows a man dragging a dog along the ground before picking it up.

As a woman screams in the background, the man hurls the dog toward the bear. The polar bear then begins to attack the dog.

It is not clear from the video if the dog ultimately manages to escape or is killed. The images have prompted some to accuse the man of animal cruelty and call for him to be punished.

A second video shows a woman being attacked by the bear, providing further evidence the man threw the dog to enable the woman to escape.

Precisely when the incident took place remains unclear, but one report suggested it was three years ago. The bear was found and destroyed, reports Daily Mail.

The video came a month after another amateur clip appeared online showing a polar bear mauling a woman in northern Russia, Daily Mail reported.

The woman, identified only as Lyudmila, is seen in the video hanging her head over a wooden walkway before the bear attacks. The animal throws her into the air during its attack.

Lyudmila allegedly had thrown a chicken bone at the bear before its attack.

Locals fire shots at the bear to make him leave, and finally manage to make him retreat by throwing something at him.

When the bear moves behind the house, Lyudmila gets to her feet and walks away. VostokMedia reported that she later was treated in hospital for cuts.

The video was taken in 2011, and it is not clear why it is appearing online five years later.

WARNING: Contains disturbing images.

Sources: Daily Mail(2) / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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