Man Throws Birthday Party From the Grave-At His Grave!


Death didn't stop a Cincinnati man from having a party for his 84th birthday -- and it won't stop him for another 20 years, either.

Three dozen of Jack Greenberg's closest friends were summoned to his grave for his birthday. The successful businessman died in February 2008, and his will set aside $1.5 million for parties for the next two decades, for his friends to mark his birthday.

"He figured that he enjoyed each of them, so they'd probably enjoy each other as well," Irwin Katzman, Greenberg's lifelong friend and lawyer, told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "He wanted to perpetuate the friendship over time."

Stretch limousines picked up the guests and deposited them at Greenberg's grave. Katzman read a letter from Greenberg and posed for a group photo. Then the limos took them all to a local hotel for lunch.

To show his continuing generosity, Greenberg also left $1,500 for each guest as something of a party favor.

"I've never seen anything like this (trust). I was amazed," said Katzman. "He gave it a substantial amount of thought."

Greenberg managed to amass $10 million from various business enterprises. In addition to the parties, he left millions of dollars to charities. But Katzman said Greenberg would enjoy the parties the most.

"If he's looking down at the cemetery... he'd be pleased," said Katzman.


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