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Man Throws 3-Year-Old Son Off 52-Story NYC Building Before Jumping to His Death

Dmitriy Kanarikov, 35, walked into a New York City apartment building with his 3-year-old son, went up to the roof, and threw his son off the 52-story building before jumping off himself. Kanarikov was pronounced dead at the scene, and the young boy was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The NYPD says they received frantic reports of two people jumping off of a high-rise building on Sunday morning, and when they arrived, they discovered the bodies on the rooftops of two separate nearby buildings. According to witness accounts, the 3-year-old boy was wearing Christmas pajamas.

Reports claim that Kanarikov and the boy’s mother were in a custody battle over their son, but that the mother had full custody. Kanarikov did have visitation rights, however, and was apparently supposed to return his son to the mother Sunday afternoon.

When the toddler was brought to the hospital, witness Luis Ortiz said that he could tell the doctors were trying to do everything they could to save him.

"You could tell he was slipping away," said Ortiz. "They said the father was up there, but they didn't bring anyone else in. It was just heartbreaking. I have two kids of my own. They tried to do the best they could."

The building, South Park Tower, appeared to be random because authorities say that the man didn't live there. The NYPD is currently investigating the tragic murder-suicide.


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