Man Thrown Out Of Nightclub For ‘Reckless Dancing’ Spends the Night In Jail


A 20-year-old Australian man was thrown out of a nightclub in Alawa on Sunday for “reckless dancing” and later arrested for attacking a police van.

The unidentified man was intoxicated, kicking over signs and screaming as he left.

"He was intoxicated and apparently incensed that he was asked to leave a nightclub for reckless dancing," Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen told NTNews.

He even punched a police van.

"As a result, he kicked over signs and property in his path. When police caught up with him, he began yelling and, out of the blue, bashed his fist on the bonnet of the police van," she added.

He was then arrested for damage to property.

"Bad moves all round. Some people should not drink and dance," Jorgensen said.

Sources: New York Daily NewsNTNews


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