Man Threatens to Shoot Miami Officials If They Sell His House (Video)


Jose Fernandez threatened to shoot Miami-Dade County officials during a county commission meeting on Tuesday if they tried to take his house.

According to The Miami Herald, Fernandez wore a T-shirt that read “No to United Nations Agenda 21" as he went on an angry rant (video below).

Agenda 21 is an United Nations (UN) plan to encourage countries and cities to promote sustainable development and greener ways of living, but conspiracy websites claim the UN will use it to confiscate private homes, noted Talking Points Memo.

"You confiscated my land already," said Fernandez. "Now you want my house. I came here to tell you in public, if you sell my house, then bleep is going to hit the fan."

"I dare you to sell my house," added Fernandez. "You have become tyrants. You have become a corrupted government. You have destroyed my family and hundreds of families!"

"My constitution gives me the right to shoot every one of you," stated Fernandez. "Shoot 'em!"

At that point, county commissioner chairwoman Rebeca Sosa called for the sergeants-at-arms to remove Fernandez from the tax-property rates meeting.

Fernandez was arrested and charged with 13 felonies of threatening to harm a public servant (one for each of the 12 commissioners and one for Mayor Carlos Gimenez) and a misdemeanor of disorderly conduct.

The Miami Herald reported that a judge ruled in 2011 that Fernandez’s nursery owed Miami-Dade County $316,000 in restitution over wetlands violations.

Fernandez's home, which sits on a separate property, is scheduled to be sold in a foreclosure auction this month.

Fernandez was still in jail on Wednesday with a $97,500 bond.

Sources: The Miami Herald and Talking Points Memo


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