'Friendly' Raccoon Bites Man's Hand (Video)


A March 7 video (below) featuring a Florida man trying to feed a seemingly friendly raccoon before it attacked him has captured national attention.

Braddock Baskett approached a group of raccoons hanging out with a “chill cat” while filming the incident, which he later published on YouTube.

"I've never seen this many raccoons," Baskett says in the video while holding a snack for the animals in his hand.

After one of the raccoons approaches him in a seemingly friendly manner, the animal quickly bites down hard on Baskett’s finger.

“I found something to feed one and he bit me. The rest is fuzzy, luckily I have time to write this before I pass out," Baskett wrote in the video's description. "DISCLAIMER: Feeding wild animals is dangerous and can result in getting bit and possibly contracting rabies."

Many viewers said they weren’t surprised by the raccoon’s reaction.

“Saw that coming. Advice, If the coon is not yours, don't mess with ever. It is still regarded as WILD LIFE, even when they are hanging with a domestic cat. Oh yeah a foot note, when the ears were laying back flat? That was the clue to tell you it was in range to attack. You were better off moving on and leaving it be,” wrote YouTube user Battlecattoo.

While most raccoons will likely bite, not not all are harmful.

In 2012, one Kansas woman rescued a sick raccoon that later ended up becoming another one of her pets for a while, The Dodo reports.

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"I already had animal bottles at home because I have raised many orphaned kittens over the years, so I took Winston home and gave him kitten formula," Haley Williams, a 20-year-old veterinary school student, said.

She decided take care of Winston after authorities refused to help.

"He took to the bottle almost immediately. Even though he was scared of me when I first picked him up, as soon as I gave him his first bottle, he bonded to me right away and would not let me out of his sight,” she added.

Sources: Braddock Baskett/YouTube, The Dodo / Photo credit: Hayley Williams via The Dodo,  Wikimedia Commons

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