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Gay Couple Receives Hateful Response To Wedding Invite

A same-sex Ohio couple less than a month away from their marriage was shocked to receive a hateful response to their wedding invitation.

Keith and Chad of Canton, Ohio, mailed out wedding invitations to family and friends, WOIO reports. Among the RSVP letters they received in return was one hate-filled letter, which was unsigned and sent in an envelope with no return address.

"So I opened it up, I saw it, I read it, and I was like it's almost got to be a joke, it doesn't seem real," Keith told WOIO.

"Just wanted to let you both know, you have sent an invitation to the wrong people," the letter reads. "You thought we supported you as a couple, well boys you were so wrong!"

In the letter, the sender informs the couple that their wedding invitation has been forwarded to an anti-gay organization, who they say will be sending protesters to the wedding.

"Like this or not, this is going to happen," the letter reads. "This day is going to be ruined for you."

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The couple said they are trying to figure out who may have sent them the hateful response by going through the list of invited guests.

"I guess we thought we knew the people that were coming and we didn't know that well," Keith said.

Keith and Chad added that despite the threats, they are going through with the wedding. Keith said the idea of moving the date and/or venue "never even crossed my mind." They are to be married in May.

The couple has been together for nine years and they have been planning their marriage for a long time.

"It's something we waited a long time for, we honestly never thought we'd be able to do it," Chad said.

The couple has received a lot of support from family, friends and their community after their story spread. A Canton church has been encouraging people to send the couple letters and cards to congratulate them on their upcoming marriage.

"Love will win in the end, that's what it comes down to," Chad said.

The wedding is reportedly being held on private property, so even if protesters do arrive, they will not be allowed in.

Sources: WOIODaily Mail / Photo Credit: WOIO via Daily Mail

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