Man Accused Of Hit & Run 'Thought He Hit A Deer' (Photos)

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A Wisconsin woman turned her husband in to police after he allegedly committed a hit and run.

Ryan Peterson, 39, of Salem, Wisconsin, is reported to have told his wife, Trisha, that he thought he had hit a deer, according to the Daily Mail. A day later, Trisha discovered that someone had been killed on the road that he had driven.

After his wife turned him in to authorities, Ryan said that he had been drinking before the incident, but maintained that he was not drunk.

Ryan was charged with hit-and-run resulting in death and homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle.

Ryan said he had three vodka drinks and two beers at a relative's house where he watched a Green Bay Packers game before he drove home.

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Ryan could not be tested for drunk driving because more than 16 hours had elapsed between the incident and the time of his arrest.

Ryan recalled being distracted on the road while trying to plug his phone in to a charger. He said he had looked in the rearview mirror and hadn't seen anything. The impact reportedly left parts of his car in the road, and shattered his car's side mirror.

Wheel marks at the scene of the accident suggested that Ryan had not slowed down or tried to avoid the cyclist on the road, either before or after the accident occurred.

"He admitted that he never stopped to check what he had hit," said Assistant District Attorney Andrew Burgoyne.

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The victim in the accident was Jackie "JJ" Hutcheson, who was riding his bike home from his sister's home. Jackie's body was discovered by another motorist, as well as his mother, who walked along his route when he did not come back home.

"He took a life -- a young man's life who had everything going for him," said the victim's mother, Delise Hutcheson, according to WITI.

"He was drunk and he waited 16 hours," added Delise.

"It was the alcohol," said Jackie's father, Jack Hutcheson Sr. "We did not know at the time."

"I appreciate he turned himself in," added the father. "We have to forgive him someday so God can forgive us. We have so much hate in our hearts right now. It's not going to be today or in the near future."

"That was my baby boy," a tearful Delise said outside of court, Kenosha news reports. "He took him away from me, I'll never be able to see him again."

Ryan is in custody on a $15,000 bond.

Court Commissioner David Berman said the man could face a long jail sentence if he is convicted.

Sources: Daily Mail, WITI, Kenosha News / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Kenosha County Sheriff's Department via Daily Mail, Facebook via Daily Mail

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