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Man Tells Terrifying Story Of Father's Death During Airbnb Rental

Zak Stone was staying at an Airbnb rental with his family when his father was sitting on a tree swing, the branch broke and he was killed by the falling limb.

Stone wrote in Medium that he was in bed when his mother found his father in the backyard on Thanksgiving morning. He followed her screams to the yard and saw the gruesome scene.

According to Stone, he pulled his father into his lap and tried mopping up blood from his father’s face with a washcloth. When he decided to try mouth-to-mouth, he "ended up with a mouthful of blood."

When EMTs arrived, they informed Stone and his family that they should start driving to Austin, where Stone’s father would be transported. Stone's father eventually succumbed to his injuries.

According to Mashable, Airbnb rentals aren’t held to the same safety standards as hotels.

“Airbnb is willing to send someone to make sure your trees look beautiful in their photos, but won’t deal with whether or not those trees will fall on your head,” Stone wrote.

Sources: Mashable, Medium / Photo credit: CDN


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