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Man Tells Disturbing Lie About Girlfriend's Dead Body

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A Miami, Florida, man was arrested and charged after he told police officers that the mutilated body of his girlfriend was not real -- and rather, was a blow-up doll that was "made of flesh."

Jerome Wright denied in an interview with police that the body of his girlfriend was real, instead claiming that it was a life-sized blow-up doll. He initially told police that "whatever was in his room was not real," according to an arrest affidavit.

The body was found in his bedroom closet after authorities were called to the home when his mother reported a foul odor coming from the room.

When police arrived, Jerome walked out of his room "naked and sweaty" and told officers that he had a "stomachache." The room was searched, where police found bodily fluids on a garbage can and a mattress. They then checked the closet and found the body of 52-year-old Deanna Clendinen.

Jerome's mother, Della Wright, told authorities that her son lied about the foul smell, claiming earlier in the week that it was due to a rat, diarrhea and his dog defecating on the floor. The man also told authorities that he hadn't seen Clendinen in five months at the time of the discovery.

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"If you find something in my room, it's from the internet," he told police officers as they searched the home, WPLG reported.

When the body was ultimately found, the Miami Herald reported, there was a decomposed leg sticking out of a sheet that was covering the remains.

Della told WPLG that her son was schizophrenic and that he had been previously hospitalized.

"I try to help him because he's my child. He's my only child and I tried my best," she said. "My son was getting help. He was at New Horizon getting his treatment and taking his meds."

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Jerome was charged in March with aggravated battery against Clendinen, and was on probation prior to his arrest in connection to her death. He currently faces charges of abusing a dead body. According to his mother, he had been dating Clendinen for at least a year at the time of the incident.

An autopsy subsequently revealed that Clendinen had a laceration on her abdomen and that there were several organs missing. Both the laceration and organ removal took place after her death, and the organs were found in a trash can outside of the home. No cause of death was initially reported.

Sources: WPLG, Miami Herald / Featured Image: bahind/Flickr / Embedded Images: Miami-Dade Corrections via Miami Herald, Tony Webster/Wikimedia Commons

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