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Man Reports Naked Intruder To Police, Ends Up Being Daughter's Boyfriend

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A Michigan man found himself in a unique situation when he discovered a naked person in his house in the early morning hours of Tuesday.

The homeowner assumed that the person was an intruder, so he went outside and got the attention of some law enforcement officers.

However, when the police intervened, they soon discovered that the intruder was merely his daughter’s boyfriend.

The incident occurred around 3:00 AM on Silver Avenue in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

According to police, the man reported an unwanted naked man in his home but soon discovered the truth when they went to investigate.

The officers left the scene without imposing an arrest or citation as no crime had been committed.

The punishment for the naked man has been left up to the father’s discretion.

The story spread on Facebook where it quickly gained several hundred likes and shares.

“A story to tell in 20 years or so,” one user commented.

“Next he called the ambulance,” another one wrote.

Some even offered up their own explanation of the incident, with one user saying: “He must have known who it actually was and wanted to scare the kid. No father seeing a naked male in his house and then goes outside to contact police and leaves his daughter alone in the house with an ‘intruder.’”

Source: FOX17, The Daily Mail, FOX17 on Facebook

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