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Base Jumper Falls To His Death Days After Taking A Selfie Of His Feet Dangling Off The Cliff (Photo)

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Extreme sports lover Gareth Jones took a photo from a 300-foot cliff just days before his untimely death when he fell off the same cliff at North Head in Sydney, Australia.

The 25-year-old took the photo and posted it to Instagram just two days before his death. The picture features Jones’ feet dangling off the cliff, where the Cambridge graduate sat on Thursday viewing the rocks below him.

Jones was a BASE jumper, meaning he was a member of a group who jumped off of buildings, antennas, spans and Earth for fun. However, police reported that Jones probably wasn’t thrill-seeking at the time of his death, but had walked to the edge of the cliff to watch the sunrise with friends. Tourists are known to visit the North Head for its panoramic view of the Sydney Harbor and skyline.

“When they returned to the lookout, the young fella had gone to have a closer look and fallen over the edge,” Inspector Nigel Taylor said.

Two of Jones’ friends reportedly used ropes and ladders to climb down the cliff, though Jones was unresponsive when they finally retrieved him. At 11:30 a.m., police collected Jones’ body from the cliff.

Police have since warned visitors to stay behind fences and out of restricted areas near the cliffs, as disobeying the boundaries can lead to serious injury or death.

“Ironically, he told me and some others a week ago that when he died, he'd be p****d if his friends had a funeral and cried for him,” Echo Giesel Widmer wrote of Jones. “He said he wanted to have a viking funeral, and he wanted his friends to send him out to sea on a burning ship while celebrating and partying in the moonlight.”

Widmer said Jones was never afraid of the future and simply had a desire to live.

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Sources: Mirror, DailyMail / Photo Credit: Facebook, Instagram, Mirror


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