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Man With Tail Growing Out Of His Back Worshipped As God

Chandre Oraon is being hailed as a living god in Alipurduar, India,
all because of the tail growing out of his back.

Oraon has had his tail since birth, and it measures 14.5 inches long.

Some Hindus believe a tail like Oraon's is a sign he's an incarnation
of the monkey god known as Hanuman, reports The Huffington Post.

If the tail was not enough of a sign, the fact that Oraon works as a
tea picker seals the dea -- he has to climb trees like a monkey to
complete his work.

Worshippers of Oraon travel hundreds of miles to visit him and seek
blessings by touching his tail, reports the Mirror.

"I am Hanuman. People have a lot of respect for me because of my tail.
I don't mind the tail at all. It is a gift by God," Oraon said.

While people believe his tail is proof of him being the god Hanuman,
doctor's have a very different outlook.

Doctor's believe the tail is caused by a rare congenital defect and
want to remove it.

Oraon refuses to have it removed and recalls when his mother cut it as a child.

"Once my mother chopped of my tail when I was young. Soon after, I got
a high fever and I was very sick. My mother told me that I almost
died. After that, everyone said I must keep the tail. My family said
they felt me getting sick was a sign that my tail was divine," he

Life has not always been easy having a tail for Oraon.

He was teased in his village by other children, and it was not a
turn-on for women when the time came to marry.

"A few women rejected my proposals. I had gone to see a girl once. She
immediately noticed that I have a tail. She refused to marry me there
and then. She said to my face it was because of my tail," Oraon said.

Today, Oraon is married to Maino, and has a five-year-old daughter, Radhika.

But Oraon being worshipped as a god and climbing trees like a monkey
has caused a rift between the couple.

"Despite his fame, things between us haven't been working out well. I
don't like Chandre. I don't like living with him," Maino said.

His marital troubles aside, Oraon is moving forward with building a
temple so he can offer blessings on a mass scale to his worshippers.

"I want to build a temple. But I am poor man, so I am looking for some
help. I work but then I don't earn much, so I need to find other ways
to fund my dream," said Oraon.

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