Man Fakes A Coma To Avoid Court


Wales resident Brian Knight will be sentenced to prison next month after being convicted of scamming his neighbor out of almost $65,000. Knight was finally convicted after a two-year game of cat and mouse with authorities during which he hospitalized himself with a faux ailment every time he was summoned for court.

Knight gained access to the funds of elderly man Ivor Richards by taking care of Richards as he aged, The Guardian reports. Stories like this pop up from time to time – a person gains access to a senior citizen’s credit cards and bank information by running errands and making purchases for them. A court found that Knight swindled almost $65,000 from Richards over a three-year period and used the money on luxuries like vacations and nights out.

Knight concocted an elaborate story when he learned he was being investigated for his crimes. He and his wife testified that he was severely injured when he fall over backwards one day while trying to shut a garage door. The fall, Knight and his wife said, left him comatose for months and caused him to have violent seizures.

Each time Knight was summoned for court, he conveniently checked himself into a hospital and claimed his condition was worsening. Finally, police decided to track Knight in between his hospital visits. They monitored him by tracking purchases he made on his credit cart and then checking surveillance cameras at those stores. Sure enough, Knight was regularly seen walking around, shopping and carrying groceries.

Upon uncovering Knight’s lies, court officials told him he would be tried in court whether he showed up or not. Knight showed up, but he wore a neck brace and was wheeled in on a wheelchair. Presiding Judge Paul Thomas called his bluff.

“Attempts to make progress have been thwarted by Mr Knight pretending to be ill,” Judge Thomas said. “Although a very accomplished and determined actor, he is nothing in like the condition he claims to be, and the conditions he claims to be suffering from are simply non-existent.”

Knight was convicted by the court on theft and forgery charges, and he has a sentencing hearing next month. Judge Thomas told him to expect significant jail time. 

Sources: The Guardian, Metro

Photo: Wales News Service


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