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Man Suspected of Murdering His Father Opens Fire at Cameraman (Video)

On Tuesday, the search for Andrew Samuolis, a man who is suspected of murdering his own father, seemed to have reached an end.

A cameraman from Channel 3 Eyewitness News in Hartford, Conn., caught the man on film - something Samuolis wasn't too pleased about.

Samoulis “allegedly shot and wounded a Willimantic police officer who came to his house for a well-being check Tuesday morning and then fled the scene, sparking a frantic manhunt in the small town east of Hartford,” reports the NY Daily News. The policemen found a dead body inside the home.

When reporters went to the location in question, Samuolis spotted them outside his home.

The video below shows that Samoulis sees the cameraman, points a gun to his own head, and afterwards proceeds to open fire on the news crew. Though it’s hard to tell exactly what is happening from the video, Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Kim Lucey tweeted about the incident:

Just saw the suspect fire shots - my photographer and I hit the ground, called 911. #WFSB#BREAKING

— Kim Lucey (@KimLucey) June 25, 2013

After bolting for about an hour and a half, Samuolis was finally “taken down by cops and a K-9 unit.”

On Wednesday while at his hearing, Public Defender Claudia Jones said Samoulis had a "significant mental health history." The man is being charged with several things, including three counts of criminal attempted assault on a public safety officer and three counts of attempted first-degree assault.

Sources: Huffington Post, NY Daily News


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