Man a Suspect in Wife’s Death After She Caught Him in Homosexual Affair Near Nude Beach


Manatee County, Fla. – The man who was caught having a sexual encounter with another man at a nude beach is now a suspect in his wife’s death.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, Pamela and Michael Doster were at Passage Key last weekend. The beach is on the northern tip of Anna Maria Island, and is known to be frequented by nudists.

After Pamela reportedly witnessed Michael engaging in a sexual act with a man, a dispute ensued amongst the couple.

As described in the affidavit, Pamela tried to get on her jet ski, only to be hampered by her husband grabbing her by the hair and pulling her into the water.

Pamela reported that when she returned to the jet ski, he repeated the process – four times.

On the fourth and final time she was pulled off, she hit her head on the side of the jet ski.

Gawker reports that Pamela refused to climb back on the jet ski after being thrown off the fourth time; Michael left her on a sandbar and called 911 when he returned to shore.

NBC News reports that rescue crews found her completely nude except for her life jacket. According to the affidavit, Pamela had a bruise on the left side of her head and a bruise on her left bicep.

Officials have also noted that both Pamela and Michael were intoxicated.

Pamela was taken to a hospital. Officials say she died on Wednesday. Her husband was charged with domestic battery, and later bonded out of jail.

Pamela’s death, in which her husband is a suspect, is still being investigated.

“This takes our case to a different level,” said Sheriff office spokesperson Randy Warren. “We need to know exactly what happened. We can say that Michael Doster is a suspect.”

Deputies are looking to contact witnesses, especially the man with whom Michael was involved in relations. Deputies have said the man was on a Bowrider boat with a broken steering cable.

Doster was reached on the phone but refused to comment further.

Sources: NBC News, WFLA, Gawker

Photo Sources: WFLA, Newsrender


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